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Where can I purchase Uru™: Ages Beyond Myst®?
You can purchase Uru at your favorite software retailer or click here to buy online*.

* Expansion packs not supported on Digitally Distributed games.

What kind of game is Uru?
Uru is an exciting new chapter of the Myst franchise. Players can move at their own pace through a single-player game, spending hours discovering visually stunning, real-time 3D worlds, solving mind-challenging puzzles and following an epic storyline.
Who is creating Uru?
Uru is being created by Rand Miller and the team at Cyan Worlds - the original creators of Myst and Riven™.

What's different about Uru compared to other Myst games?
Uru has everything players have come to expect from a Myst experience, but goes far beyond with immersive, real-time 3D environments and the creation of a realistic character.
Will I be able to customize my character?
When starting Uru, you will be able to create a realistic male or female character. Uru has a large variety of facial and clothing features to choose from. There are enough options to allow you to appear the way you look, or the way you want to look.
Will players see the game from the same perspective as Myst games of the past?
Uru features complete freedom of movement in real-time 3D. Players see themselves moving freely through the world in third-person perspective. An optional first-person view is also available.

When will Uru be available at retail?
Uru is now available.

Will Uru be available on the Mac?
Currently Uru is only planned to be available on the PC. But we are exploring options to expand to other platforms. Check back with the Uru website for updates regarding additional skus that may become available.
Will the single-player game require an additional subscription fee?
Uru will provide a complete adventure experience that is bigger, better, and more innovative than any of the previous Myst games. Only the retail purchase of the product is required to play the game.
Will there be other products in the Myst line after Uru?
Yes, we have an additional Myst adventure in development and more being planned. Details regarding timing and content of these titles is not yet available, but check back with www.ubi.com for more information.


Where can I download the expansion pack?
Gigex.com is the main distribution outlet*.

* Expansion packs not supported on Digitally Distributed games.
How big is the download?
Approximately 172 MB.
How much does it cost?
The "To D'ni" expansion pack is free.
Will there be future expansion packs? If yes, will they be free?
The next expansion pack will be released soon, but it will not be free.
Can I play the expansion online?
No, the "To D'ni" expansion pack will continue the D'ni exploration as a stand-alone game.
Is it multiplayer?
The "To D'ni" expansion continues the Myst tradition of single-player exploration.
What are the minimum requirements of the "To D'ni" expansion pack?
The expansion pack adds on to Uru: Ages Beyond Myst and will have the same system requirements. You can find the system requirements, and other purchasing information, here.
Is there a manual for the "To D'ni" expansion pack?
No, there is no separate manual for the "To D'ni" expansion.
If I require technical assistance with the expansion pack, who do I contact?
We have extensive support available for the expansion pack. You can find out more here:

Is the "To D'ni" expansion a stand-alone product?
No, you must first have purchased and installed Uru: Ages Beyond Myst to be able to play the "To D'ni" expansion.
Will the "To D'ni" expansion work with the Digital Download versions of Uru?
No, the "To D'ni" expansion requires the retail Uru game.



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